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Now you have all the videos you need to make money by getting leads for your clients. And now we are going to give you all the tools you need to get leads for your own business!
Download 25 unique sets of custom cartoon and hand-drawn videos for your marketing agency.
Get your Marketing Agency Videos
for a special price of $197 $77
Marketing Agency Videos - OTO
What is Marketing Agency Videos?
Marketing Agency Videos is another excellent product being offered by Joe The Goat Farmer consisting of videos with insightful content specifically for local marketing agencies and internet marketers who want to attract more leads and new customers.

Shine from the game and competition
Shine from the game and competition
We know for a fact that local marketers have some tough competition in their industries, this is especially true for start-up companies. Presenting a high quality animated video that explains what your business is all about right in front of your home page can make you stand out from the sea of competitors and make a good impression on your prospective customers.

Attract new leads and customers
Attract new leads and customers
Improve your marketing campaign effectiveness by using explainer videos and incorporating them into your website. This trend is gaining a lot of popularity and has been adopted by many popular businesses to attract lots of new customers in their market.

Impress and move potential clients
Impress and move potential clients
Finding it difficult to put together a presentation as a follow up to your marketing proposal? Impress your prospects by making use of a well designed landing page and embed one of your Marketing Agency Videos.

Gain reputation and win their trust
Gain reputation and win their trust
Being a start-up business, it’s a bit difficult to gain the trust of prospective customers simply because they do not know you yet. Using these videos make you look professional in their eyes and lets them know that you are indeed serious about your marketing efforts.

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So what is this product all about?
These videos will certainly make you more confident and professional in the eyes of your prospective customers allowing you to sell your services effortlessly which can save you a lot of time and money. This product is made and brought to you by Joe The Goat Farmer so, don’t be surprised if you see him roaming around throughout the content.
Marketing Agency Videos - OTO
We have covered different areas for your
marketing agency!
There are 5 areas we covered in Marketing Agency Videos™
and these are — Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Social Media Marketing (SMM), Video Marketing, and Website Design.
See These Playable Demos
What exactly you’ll get from
this Special Offer?
You’ll get five (5) unique set of cartoon and hand-drawn videos
from each marketing areas we have covered.
So, all-in-all you’ll get twenty five (25) marketing videos that you can use.
Marketing Agency Videos - OTO

BONUS #1 ($97 Value)

5 Professional Landing Pages

BONUS #2 ($27 Value)

Marketing Graphics Pack


  • 5 Online Reputation Management Videos
  • 5 Search Engine Optimization Videos
  • 5 Social Media Marketing Videos
  • 5 Video Marketing Videos
  • 5 Website Design Videos
..and you’ll also get
  • 5 Professional Landing Pages
  • Marketing Graphics Pack
All in all, these are $321 value!
Original price is $197, but today it’s only $77.
It comes with 30-day money-back guarantee!
30-day money back guarantee BadgeJust one video alone is worth more than $50, which would be $1250 or more for all of them together. We can easily sell these videos for 5 times the price we’re offering to you right now .

The price will be rising once the launch is over. So click the button below and download the videos while it’s still available at this HUGE discount.

Marketing Agency Videos - OTO

Can I modify the videos?

Yes. You can do anything to these videos. You can always use any video editor of your choice and add something at the beginning or at the end part of the videos. It’s yours! Feel free to modify it.

What kind of license can I have after purchase?

You can use these videos on any site you own. You do not have permission to sell or giveaway these videos.

Where can I download the product?

After a successful purchase, we will send you to a link where you can download your videos. You may need to register to our site before you can download them.

What format are the videos?

All the videos included in this package are all in .MP4 format only.
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