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Introducing: Business & Finance PLR Videos

Fourteen (14) premium marketing videos for business & finance industries.


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These videos are highly optimized for business & finance
services to help them attract new clients and customers.
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Cool Animation & Sound Effects

Our videos will surely attract and hold the attention of viewers.

Engaging Script

The scripts used in our videos were created to captivate people’s attention.

Professional Voiceovers

We’ve hired professional voice actors to produce engaging voiceovers.

Unique Mascots and Graphics

We’ve carefully picked graphics and mascots to be used in our videos.

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These are the niches included in this package..
You can sell these premium videos to business-related services.


Accountant (2 videos)

Are you worried because Tax time is looming again? Are you applying for a loan and need financial reports before approval? With us on your side, you can be sure your financial affairs are in good hands. For an Accountant who is more than just a number cruncher – give us a call today.

thumbnail_Attorney Bankruptcy

Attorney – Bankruptcy (2 videos)

Do you have unexplained pain that you can’t seem to find any relief from? A professional chiropractor can give you the relief from pain in your back / neck / joints that you deserve. Don’t let pain be a part of your daily life any longer – contact us today.

thumbnail_Attorney divorce

Attorney – Divorce (2 videos)

Are you looking for relief from general aches and pains without taking medication? An experienced and qualified Massage Therapist can ease painful, tired, sore and contracted muscles and tendons with a therapeutic massage. Book an appointment today and experience total relaxation and renewed energy with a therapeutic massage.

thumbnail_book keeper

Bookkeeping Services (2 videos)

Are you looking for a caring Senior Living Care facility for your loved one? Seniors can live in comfort, knowing there’s always someone there to help out, from day to day tasks, to essential medical treatment, or just a friendly chat! Feel safe in the knowledge your loved one is happy and cared for – call us for a confidential chat today.


Insurance Agency (2 videos)

Is your skin’s appearance sapping your confidence and affecting your happiness? It can be frustrating when your skin is bringing you down and you can’t live life the way you want to. Stop being embarrassed about your skin – contact us today and find out how we can help.

thumbnail_real estate

Real Estate Agent – Selling (2 videos)

Are you worried about taking care of your child’s teeth now they’ve started coming through? It’s your responsibility as a parent to instill good habits in your children from an early age. Let us look after your child’s smile for life – book an appointment today.


Travel Agents (2 videos)

Do your find yourself putting your hand in front of your mouth when you talk because of your teeth? A visit to a fully trained and experienced Dental Practitioner can get you back on the road to good dental health. Your smile is precious and we’d love to help you take care of it – contact us today.
Here’s another sample video included in this package..
Attract business-related services in your area with these videos.
LCV Business & Finance PLR Videos

What is the bundle all about?

This bundle is part of our Niche Video Series. We are silently creating DFY (Done For You) videos at the back for different niches. You can easily sell these videos for your niche-based clients.

How many videos can I get from this bundle?

There are seven (7) niches included in Business & Finance PLR Videos. All in all you’ll get fourteen (14) premium marketing videos that you can sell to business-related services.

I’m not part of these businesses, what are these for me?

These videos are not specifically for you. These are for your existing and future clients. If you have a client who is a specialist in one of the niches included here, you can sell these videos to them or bundle these videos to your other marketing product lines.

What license do I get after purchasing this bundle?

You’ll get private label rights to these videos. This will allow you to promote and sell these videos along with your product lines to generate extra income. You are allowed to edit, alter, revise and in any other way change the product as you like to suit your needs.
Stop wasting your money, time and effort so you can do more.
LCV Business & Finance PLR Videos
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